Meet Sarah

I am a Californian based in Cornwall who loves Jesus, family, friendships, coffee, travel, and guacamole. My life has been through a series of changes; I have worked for churches, distribution companies, festivals, and secondary schools. I have some unusual items on my resume; 90+ countries visited, Canon of Truro Cathedral, oldest of seven children, ambivert. I love discovering what it means to follow Jesus and inviting others to know and follow Him. Above all, I am loved.

In August 2020, I took 25 days to walk 422 miles of the Cornish coast, and traced the paths, the people, the treats, the wild swimming, and the quotes that shaped my heart while I walked. Find out more on Instagram.

My 5 at Five series is a fun way to dive into the story of Jesus from the Gospel of Mark with 5 minutes of conversation on a short passage of Scripture. Find out more on Instagram or Facebook.

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